Currently, 90% of dwellings use the Town’s water supply, with the rest obtaining water from private wells. The source for the Town’s supply is two underground wells on the north side. The Town plans on connecting all residents to the water supply over time.


Garbage Collection is provided in the Town by Island Waste Management Corporation IWMC) is a provincial Crown Agency that manages, administers and provides solid waste management services province-wide, including operating or overseeing the East Prince Waste Management Facility, the Central Compost Facility, the Energy from Waste Facility, and the Waste Watch Drop-Off Centers. IWMC is also responsible for the Waste Watch Program, a mandatory source-separation waste management system that operates throughout PEI.

The Waste Watch Program treats waste as a resource by sorting it into recyclables, compostables, and residual waste materials. Items such as paper, plastics, metal and glass are recycled, organics such as food and yard waste are composted, and remaining residuals are disposed of to landfill or incinerator. Based on past experience, it is anticipated that the diversion of material away from landfill or incineration will be in the 65% range for 2003.

110 Watts Avenue, Charlottetown
PE C1E 2C1
E-mail: info@iwmc.pe.ca
Toll-free: 1-888-280-8111
Telephone: (902) 894-0330
Fax: (902) 894-0331


There is currently a sewage-treatment plant in the community which serves approximately 730 homes and businesses. It receives flow from domestic, commercial and industrial sources. At peak its capacity of 800,000 gallons per day is utilized at about 25%. The system recently had a significant extension so that it has the capability of accommodating other communities and new commercial and industrial activity in the Town itself.

The treatment plant is comprised of the following major components:

  • Flygt pumping station
  • Service Building
  • Bar screen
  • Cylindrical Aeration Tanks
  • Circular Clarifier
  • Chlorine Contact Chamber
  • V-Notch Weir

It receives flow from domestic, commercial and industrial sources.