Montague the Beautiful

Christmas Hours at Town Hall:

through Dec. 21: 8:30 am -4 pm

Dec. 22: 8:30 am – noon

Dec. 23-Jan. 1: CLOSED

Jan. 2 on: 8:30 am -4 pm

Merry Christmas to All!

Rural Prince Edward Island at its best.

The Montague area that we are familiar with today consisted of Lot 52 and Lot 59 and was incorporated in 1917. In 1804, a map of the village of Montague Bridge (as it was then known) depicted a wharf on the south side, a bridge and road to Charlottetown, and a road to Wightman’s Point in Lower Montague.

We have come a long way since then to becoming a flourishing community.

The crown jewel of Montague is the Waterfront area here on the Montague River. With shops, tourist information, a marina and outdoor concert venue it is a showcase for the festivals and activities that occur in Montague. The Waterfront area is a large part of the history of the Town with its wooden boardwalk, original train turnstile remnants, and magnificent views it is a magnet for locals and tourists that pays homage to the history of the area.

Spend some time getting to know the area by checking out our shopping, our restaurants, and the Art Trail, which is a walk about the streets showcasing many commissioned pieces of Art that celebrate the history, culture, and diversity of the Montague area.

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December 12, 7 pm
Montague Intermediate Band Concert
Everyone Welcome

December 14, 7 pm
Christmas Concert, Montague Regional High School
Everyone Welcome

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